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JESUS said , ``IF YOU LOVE ME you will OBEY MY COMMANDMENTS, And I will PRAY to the FATHER, and HE shall give you another COMFORTER (HOLY SPIRIT) , that he may ABIDE WITH YOU FOREVER.." ( John 14:15-16) This is the SPIRIT of TRUTH; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: BUT YE KNOW HIM, for HE DWELLS with you, and SHALL BE ``IN YOU.'' .
I Cor. 10:1-4 says CHRIST gave the TEN COMMANDMENTS to Israel.

To love God we have to obey his commandments! We are asked ''Love'' one another, because LOVE COMES FROM GOD. Whoever loves a child of God knows GOD - ''WHO IS LOVE'', and whoever lives in Love, lives in union with God and God lives in union with him.

The LOVE for GOD and the LOVE for OUR NEIGHBOUR is the basis of the ''TEN COMMANDMENTS'' too. In Matthew 22:34-40, a teacher of the law, approaches Jesus, and asks him which is the GREATEST COMMANDMENT? JESUS answered, ''Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, this is the greatest commandment. The second most important commandment is like it, 'Love your neighbour as yourself.' The Law of Moses and the teachings of the Prophets depend on these commandments.''

1 John 5:3-5, ''For our love for GOD means that we obey his commands, which are not hard for us because every child of God able to defeat the world. And we win the victory over the world by means of our ''FAITH''. Who can defeat the world? Only the person who believes that JESUS CHRIST is the MESSIAH, the SON of the LIVING GOD!!!.

There is nothing shameful in " obeying" the Lord. Jesus said ," If you Love me, you will do my commandments."....,we can keep the Commandments because we Love God, not as an obligation. Through the Holy Spirit, God has written Law in our hearts; the Spirit helps us to keep the Law & Commandments, to live a Holy Life....

We are asked to worship in Spirit and in Truth. What is the Truth ???...God's Word is Truth. The Festival days, and how to observe them are given by God, in the WORD , ordained forever. If u say, " I willl observe them in any day, in any way, that us nothing but " ARROGANCE". Besides " our way" is NOT GOD'S way!!!....Jesus said again:"I have not come to abolish the Law and the Prophets, but to fulfil. As long as heaven and Earth exist, not one letter, or dot from the Law will be abolished, changed until ALL IS ACCOMPLISHED.( Anyone who breaks the law and teaches others to do the same will be least in the Kingdom, Jesus said.( This will apply to St. Paul). ....Jesus fulfilled the festivals. On Sabbath, he said you could Love God and your neighbour. He did not abolish it, but gave New meaning, and said , " Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.".

Letters of St. Paul , written to gentiles, are not Gospels. (some of them called catholic epsitles. And the VATICAN would have changed them to alter the meaning.) you have to understand St.PAUL 's letters in context. At that time, it was not prudent to ask gentiles to keep the Torah. But today, the context is different; we are in the last days. And the Gospel has been preached to the ends of the earth, thanks to the Internet, & Social media. The earth is full of knowledge of the Lord, just as the waters cover the sea.

We are living in an age where "the deceptions", which have come from the Rome / Vatican has been exposed. Knowing the Truth, we do not have to follow them blindly. It is evident from Revelation 17, that Rome Vatican is the Woman ( Babylon the Great) which rides the beast.the mother of all spiritual prostitutes on earth. if u still wish to follow her, Rather than God, u may do so. But u will be greatly surprised, and regret in vane when you have to " share her plauges". Because the God that judges her is mighty. May u not be deceived by this harlot church..

May the WORD of the LORD be our guide and a LIGHT unto our PATH.
God bless you all, AMEN!
Peter de Silva

Job 22:26 silloin on ilosi oleva Kaikkivaltiaassa, ja sinä nostat kasvosi Jumalan puoleen.
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